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The cost and stakes of software development

Software development is complicated. Tech entrepreneurs have great ideas but often lack the design expertise to make a product user-friendly and attractive. They also need a team they can count on to guide them and help them make the right development decisions. Not having the right software team can cost you thousands in lost money and wasted time; we’ve seen it happen many times.

At Pixeltree, we have the experienced specialists you need so you can feel confident in bringing your product to market and empower your customers.

Take the worry & guesswork out of product design and development and feel confident about taking your buisness to the next level

Get to market quickly icon

Get to market quickly

and make money sooner

Iterative development means launching your product in stages so you can start making money faster

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Get valuable user

feedback sooner

Iterative development allows you to get user feedback quickly and ensures your product reamins relevant and useful

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Test driven


Ensures the integrity and quality of the code. We thoroughly test code to identify bugs, defects, and vulnerabilities

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We are 100%


Working with a local team simplifies and streamlines communication to increase delivery speed

Attractive & icon

Attractive &

User-friendly UX/UI

Offer an enjoyable experience and add perceived value to your products and services. If it looks great, it must be great!

Scalable so you icon

Scalable so you

can keep growing

Our methadology allows you to add features seamlessly over time allowing you to continue to scale your business

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We protect you against data breaches to ensure the safety of your businesss and customers

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Tech solutions have afforded our clients new services and revenue streams

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We understand how it feels to struggle navigating launching a new digital product, the mysteries of software development, and the risks entrepreneurs take to invest their time and money into something they believe in.

Our team has over 70 combined years’ experience in design, development, and entrepreneurship, and we are dedicated to pursuing client success by delivering tailored solutions that meet your business goals. Your success is our success.

Industries we have served

We help a diverse set of organizations across industries to drive business value with technology.



Site reporting

Site reporting



Soil sampling

Soil sampling

Professional development

Professional development

Arts management

Arts management



Project management

Project management

Some organizations we work with

Two years ago, Pixeltree took over my product and since then they have improved the code quality and added many valuable features that serve my 60+ organizations. AMS is now far more reliable and Pixeltree is always fast to resolve unexpected issues.

- Camilo Restrepo, Chief Product Owner of AMS

Some, mostly big, important numbers


apps launched


award winning app


M&Ms consumed coding

Services to level up your business

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Get an attractive and user friendly UI that offers your customers an enjoyable experience

Custom Apps

Custom Apps

Whether you need a brand new app or need a team to take over an existing project, we have the design and development expertise you need to digitally transform your business.

Technical Risk Assessment

Technical Risk Assessment

Keeping your tech stack up to date is of paramount importance since a single data breach can tank your business. We review your tech stack and document its status

Client Success Story

Level 52 | MyLeader360

See how we helped Level 52 make a digital transformation that streamlined the flow of their leadership workshops and how technology inspired additional features that helped level up business leaders.

"Go digital or go critical"

At Pixeltree, we know you are the kind of person who wants to use tech to empower and grow your business so you can increase revenue, discover new service opportunities, and make your mark in the tech space. To get established and set yourself apart from the competition you need experts to help ensure your digital product looks great, is user-friendly, meets your business goals, and is secure and scalable. The problem is you don’t know where to start and what you need to get your product safely to market, and we understand that is a confusing and stressful position. We believe anyone should be able to have the opportunity to bring their software ideas to life or use software to increase their business value and improve their customer’s lives.

That’s why we are committed to applying best practices in design and development to maximize your potential for success; we’ve done it over 100 times! So email us now and set up a discovery session and we will show you the path forwards so you can stop wondering how to move forwards and start building your dream project, bring it to market, and make your mark in the tech space.

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