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Don't get left behind

Today, software solutions are increasingly necessary to maximize business value, open up new revenue channels, and stay ahead of the competition. Manual processes are slower and absorb time and money. Neglecting potential software solutions leaves you at a disadvantage by leaving money on the table.

Using best practices, our team of experts will work with you to design and develop a new platform, or take over an existing project, that is attractive and user-friendly, to improve and scale business performance.

With Pixeltree, you can feel confident about growing your business

Get to market quickly

Get to market quickly

and make money sooner

Iterative development allows us to launch an MVP in 4-6 weeks

Get valuable user

Get valuable user

feedback sooner

Our iterative approach allows you to get user feedback quickly and ensures your product remains relevant and useful

Test driven

Test driven


Ensures the integrity and quality of the code. We thoroughly test code to identify bugs, defects, and vulnerabilities

We are

We are

100% Canadian

Working with a local team simplifies and streamlines communication to increase delivery speed

Attractive &

Attractive &

User-friendly UX/UI

Offer an enjoyable experience and add perceived value to your products and services. If it looks great, it must be great!

Scalable so you

Scalable so you

can keep growing

Our methodology allows you to add features seamlessly over time allowing you to continue to scale your business




We protect you against data breaches to ensure the safety of your business and customers

More Possibilities

More Possibilities

and make money sooner

Tech solutions have afforded our clients new services and revenue streams

We understand the risk entrepreneurs take to invest their time, money, and trust, in building their business.

We have helped many companies scale their business by creating new platforms from the ground up, taking over troubled projects to get them back on track, and adding new functionality to existing products.

After working with clients to implement new digital solutions, they have automated processes, enabled new revenue streams, and make more money while saving time.

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Steps to launching a new digital product

1. Discovery

Email us and schedule a free discovery session to discuss your idea and business goals and see if we're a good fit

2. Design Phase

Our UX/UI designer will work with you to create a bundle of design assets as the foundation for development

3. Code it

We code your features and test them to ensure everything works as expected

4. Launch

We deploy features as soon as they are ready. Our iterative strategy works fast!

Steps to a project takeover

1. Code audit

We examine your app to evaluate the state of the code and security

2. Discovery

Gather details, goals, and ideas about new features

3. Design

Using your existing design system, our UX/UI designer will work with you to create new mockups if needed

4. Code it

We code your features and test them to ensure everything works as expected

5. Deploy

Deploy features steadily over time

Development Pricing

We create estimates based on scopes of work and/or individual features. Depending on the scope of work, we will offer fixed cost or bill hourly.

Fixed cost: We typically use fixed costs when the project and acceptance criteria is very clear and the client has a hard budget. 

Hourly: We charge hourly when a project is more vague, there are lots of unknowns, and the acceptance criteria is prone to changes. 

Preferred rates: For projects over $10K, we use preferred rates. 

Pro tip: Telling us your budget is to your benefit. Knowing your budget helps us decide what and how to build what you need. Remember this: How much is a car?