Design Process | Requirement gathering & flow charts

Discovery Phase

Our approach to building software requires us to hone in on the core feature that defines the platform and offers the most value. Essentially this is a one-liner that serves as our north star when determining priorities, features, messaging, users, and steers the design in a particular way that supports usability, brand identity, and business goals.

Our initial discovery meeting with the client included discussing their aspirations and vision. That came with a lot of different possibilities of how the platform would be structured, who it would serve, who would be using it, and how it might look.

In addition to helping the client pin point their core value, their timeline and budget was another variable to weigh against what would be a launch-able product. Our agile methodology focuses on launching the most valuable product (and the most marketable product if we want the product to sell). We can launch an MVP within a few weeks so the client can get to market quickly and then the user base can offer valuable feedback to help refine the platform and then inform decisions on what features come next.

The core value became “ConsultMD allows caregivers to consult with specialists for rapid diagnosis.” With that, our launch-able product focused on enabling caregivers to create consultation requests for their patients, send it to specialists in a specific field, and have the specialist send back a report with their suggestions. This simple flow dramatically reduces the time it takes for patients to be diagnosed which speeds up the treatment process.

Flow Charts

After our discovery session we started creating flow charts for each process to map out user flows. These serve as a guide for determining what pages and features are required.

This flow chart outlines the process of a caregiver creating a consult request and submitting it.

ConsultMD flowchart