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Design Process | Hifi Mockups

After the lofi mockups were completed and approved, we applied brand colours, typography, and other styling choices to reflect the tone of the app.

Physician dashboard
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The launch design of the outstanding issues table (physician dashboard). Navigation includes outstanding issues where all open issues are listed in order of oldest to newest. Closed issues displays a table of completed issues for record keeping. Unassigned issues is where new consult requests can be picked up if the requesting physician selected next available in the consultant select dropdown.

Filters allows the physician to search for issues related to patient name and date. The issues table itself offers an at-a-glance view of open issues and their status of pending and open.

Consultation request | Issue details page
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This is the first page of the Request Consultation form. It includes a patient select in the event a patient has had issues in the past and allows the physician to select previous patients in the database. New patients require their base info to be filled in.

The speciality select asks the caregiver to first choose a relevant speciality. Once selected, the second menu becomes clickable to choose a specialist in the chosen field.

The last section of the form, History, requires essential issue information to help the specialist offer meaningful feedback. The following page is dedicated to attaching images and files to supplement this information.

Consultation request | Summary page
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After the issue details, files, and specialist have been selected, the physician has an opportunity to review a summary of their request before submitting.

An important element of the specialist select feature is the option to choose “next available consultant”. This option allows the issue to become available to all specialists with the selected specialty via an Unassigned Issues page for physicians assigned with specialities.

Specialist views request
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If a request is sent directly to a specialist, it appears in their Outstanding Issues table immediately with the status of New. If a request was sent to next available consultant, it appears in the Unassigned Issues page for all applicable specialists and becomes first come first serve.

The report form includes fields for the specialist to input their impressions, notes, suggestions, and the option to attach any support materials. Once sent back, it appears in the requesting physicians Closed Issues table and they receive a notification email. The issue has now concluded and the specialist can submit for payment.