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Design Process | Requirement gathering & flow charts

Discovery Phase

The goal of the discovery phase was to define the requirements for an MVP launch to hit the market in 6 weeks. What is the minimum version of the app that delivers the most value AND is marketable.

From then, through iterations, we would add more features based on real user feedback.

The best way I have found to do this is define your "one-liner"; the singular value you offer to an audience. You can then weigh every feature against this primary value to determine your priorities.

After speaking with the client and reviewing their business goals we narrowed down the features for the MVP launch:

  • Admin can create tastings which includes a small collection of restaurants with set seating and times.
  • Users can browse available tastings and book them.
  • Restaurants can log into a dashboard to see their reservations and check in users.
  • Automated emails and text messages to inform and guide customers through tastings.
  • User types include admin, restaurant, and customer

Flow charts

Once the features were defined, I made flow charts for each process. This helped determine how users will navigate the app step by step and what pages we needed. The flow charts are a quick and efficient way to set the foundation for the app.

Flow chart for Taste the City app